Stop tormenting yourself.

Do you ever feel like you are not who you should be?
That perfect girl or guy, that perfect friend, that perfect daughter or son, that you want to be so genuinely.

No matter what you do, you just can’t change yourself. 

But, did you ever tried to ACCEPT WHO YOU ARE instead of changing it?

Aslan from the great Narnia once said, “You doubt your value. Don’t run from who you are.”

You are the one stopping you from becoming who you want to.

So, STOP right there. Stop comparing yourself from others and criticising yourself for who you are. 

START accepting your mistakes, flaws and all your imperfections. 

Because if you want to become like someone, you first have to be you.

♡Nobody is perfect and that is                         perfection.

♡Nobody is the prettiest and that’s what     makes us pretty.

♡Nobody is extraordinary and that is             where the magic lies.

♡Nobody is you and that is your biggest       superpower. 



What are best friends?
Are they always there for you?
Do they keep secrets?
Do they hide from you?

Do they pretend they care?
Do they stab you in the back?
Do they actually care?
Or do they just use you?

I don’t know what a best friend is
Because I thought I had one
But I guess I was a fool.

I defended you in school
When everyone else made fun
I hung out with you
Even if it meant not being cool.

So tell me,
Is this what “best friends” do?
Because if it is
I would rather not have one.

I thought I could trust you
when I told you what I felt.
My secrets I left in your hand .
If I went to sleep late last night, you knew.

You always knew my worries.

And talking to you would make them fly away,

But who knew you had another side

Which always comforted me with lies.

I could not lie to you, for you were my best friend,
until I met your other side.
Don’t deny anything to me ’cause all you say is a lie.
You told me I was beautiful, and for the first time I believed it,
but I was wrong, or maybe I can trust you.

I am confused, what should I do?
Should I trust you or not?

You tell me it’s okay,
that my secrets are safe with you,
but what if you say something or maybe your other side does.

I don’t want to meet it, but I think I already have.
When you promised me your friendship
and that it will always last, but you lied .

And after every lie,
it just makes me want to forget,
what we’ve been through,
all that you’ve promised me,
everything you’ve told me.
Well, goodbye to you and your so-called other side.

And if you want to know what i want,

Please know that:

You could hurt me with a truth,

I would take it.

But please don’t ever comfort me with a lie.

For it, will be the last talk between us.



3 things you need to do ASAP!


Be brave in all your decisions. Be brave with what you dream but none else doses and then strive to achieve it. You dream of them because only you can achieve them.


Love yourself because nobody else is ever gonna do that for you. The day you learn to love yourself , you’ll be the happiest forever. So go love yourself.


Everybody else is just their to support you, not to be you. Only you can do that. And that is your biggest strength. So be a little crazy, weird, unpredictable, extra, over sensitive, unusual, but be YOU.


So finally i’m done with exams.

All the time while studying I used to have so many ideas to write about, that it was really hard to focus on preparing for the exams. But i somehow ceased myself from thinking about it. But I couldn’t that well. Anyways so then I was like “Yeah, as soon as this gets over I’m gonna write a lot since i have so many ideas in my head.”.  So it was all going well but now when i think of writing something creative, I just can’t. The whole will to write and that energy which came just by thinking of it is…gone 😦

I guess now i know why i loose interest in all my hobbies or interests so easily. It’s probably because i don’t do it on a regular basis and in those breaks I develop interest in other things or nothing at all, for that matter.

So maybe the solution is to NEVER STOP.

Never stop doing what you love. NEVER. Because you love it for  a reason, and nothing should stop you from loving it.

I couldn’t write in those days but i am now. And i think that LOVE and that energy, everything is coming back as i’m writing this blog.

That’s the thing about love.

It maybe lost, but not forever.